Saturday, February 8, 2014

Two Gypsies, Two perspectives, One Kansas

CORONADOHEIGHTSParadise According to Melody
seattleParadise According to Cynthia
Can a proud, homespun Kansas girl convince a skeptical world traveler from the West Coast that Kansas is both beautiful and interesting? Join the adventure as these two  very different gypsies set out on road trips to discover Kansas.

Friday, February 7, 2014


On a sunny winter day, Melody and Cynthia found themselves driving a country road between the tiny towns of Peabody and Marion when Melody pulled the car to the shoulder and whipped out her camera. The following conversation ensued.
Cynthia: What are you doing?
Melody: Taking a picture.
Cynthia: Of what?
Melody: Of that beautiful field of wheat.
Cynthia: Those are weeds.
Melody: Okay, prairie grass.
Cynthia: Why do you want a picture of that? It’s the apocalypse. There are no signs of civilization, no people, no stuff. It’s the end of the world. I’m getting hives. (Scratching madly.)
Melody: Oh, good Lord! A beautiful, flat lands field is not a harbinger of the apocalypse. You’re crazier than a jar full of teeth. I will convince you to adore Kansas if I have to drag you through 1000 more miles of Kansas prairie.
Cynthia: I shall stock up on hive ointment.
                                               The aforementioned jar full of teeth.